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Ok. The idea behind this is that you post anonamously and say something you wouldn't say to me if I could read your signature. I don't care what it is.

Ok. Well, that was a lame way of stating it, but it's the best I can do. Everyone on my friends list is doing this too, so I'm interested to see what others say.

. . . if anything.

Edited so that you can post anonymously . . .

Before pictures

Well, these are pictures I took this afternoon of the house we will be moving into.

. . . I'm going to be busy this weekend. I forsee a wallpaper steamer and a paint brush in my future.

We went out and got a new computer monitor today for my birthday and christmas present. It was the cheapest one they had there (if you can call 180 some odd dollars cheap, wich I don't!). So far I am impressed with it. I didn't notice until we got it home that the screen is easily 1/3rd bigger than my old CRT monitor that I have been griping about for months. It's wide screen too, wich is kinda neet, though that will take some getting used to and it will take some monkeying around with the settings to get the wall papers to fit right.

Even still, it is a HUGE improvement over the old monitor. It dosn't hurt my eyes nearly as much, the screen is actualy WHITE. It also dosn't take up as much room as the old one and is quieter. My old one made a lot of clicking sounds when it turned on and switched between programs and such. I never did understand why, but it always did that, and it had all kinds of fans in it that you don't even notice until you have one that is so much quieter. The silence was something I hadn't even thought of when I bought this one.  I do still need to try out a video game to see how it dose with those, but other than that, it has exceded all my expectations.

Picking it out was the big drama. The story gose like this. (Ever notice I ALWAYS have a story to tell?)

The monitors at best buy ranged from about 180 to 800 dollars (with tax of course.) I kept aginizing over wich one I wanted. We didn't want to go over a certan price range (200) and I kept trying to compair them to eachother. I even had the associate at the store bring me a lader so I could climb up higher and look at the ones on the second shelf above at eye level to help me decide. They had all this wonderful information about DVI HD DVEDVDVDVDDDVD AI OU TE and whatever the hell else that I simply didn't understand what they ment. So the only way I could choose was by eye. Obviously, the ones that were about 500 and up were better, but I am not about to pay that kind of money on my most insane days for a monitor. However, all the ones below that I was having trouble telling them apart as far as picture quality. I was seriously thinking about waiting and comeing back a few months later to see what was there once prices went down on older models and trying to compair them again. Looking back, I realize that was stupid, since I would simply face the exact same problem then with different monitors.

Finaly my wife pointed out something I hadn't noticed. "THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!" 

I kept thinking, yeah, but that one costs more, and there's got to be a reason for it. Some had better veiw at an angle, but that was really about it. So finaly after the associate pointed out that the cheapest one was better than the next cheapest one because the cheapest one had a better refresh rate, I felt it was best to just buy the cheapest one, since they truly DO look all the same. 

I am happy. My eyes dont hurt nearly as much as they used to.

Melekalikimaka recap punch!

Well, I suppose I'll recap the holidays and any other random things I'm thinking of tonight, in case anyone out there be interested.

Well, on the 24th, I had to work. Which was ok. To give you an idea of what my typical work day is like, it's like having 30 grandparents to visit every single day. But, since most are mad out of there heads with dementia, I am the guy who gives them their medication and hopes it calms the more violent ones down enough so we can help them.

SO after 8 hours of that, I went to wallmart to pick up some wrapping paper, wich naturaly I forgot to do. This was because their was an announcement over the entercom that they were giving away free christmas trees! So, I decided to yank one. A nice little 4 footer. Teeny little guy. I was so happy to get it. I could fit it in my back seat of my chevy cavalier with room to spare.  

So, my car will forever smell of pine.

When I got into town, my wife pointed out something obvious to me.

We didn't have a tree stand.

So, I tried to think of something to hold it up. but I couldn't. So I put it outside and pushed snow around the base of it, wich held it up for nearly 48 hours before it fell down. Even still, I am happy I found my little tree. Maybe that's what I'll actualy try to do next year. Just show up after work on Xmas eve and find the smallest tree for free and bring the puppy home.

Probably not the best thing to count on as far as finding a tree though, right?

The 25th was ok. I got a wonderful present from my wife (a note saying I can pick out a computer monitor! YAYYYYYY! I'm so happy I could scream!), Band of brothers on DVD (Highly reccomended if you havnt seen it.) Shindlers list (also highly recomended) and a Barns and Nobles book store gift card (now I'll have to find an excuse to go to Topeka), and an Ebay gift card for 50 buckaroos, plus 74 dollars from a fund set up for work where they devide money the residents and their families donate between the staff. Nothing more fon in the world than money you can just out right waste. Shure it'd be smarter to save it. But that wouldn't be fun! 

I am so lucky to have a wife that lets me have fun.

Dinner was good, since we had both turkey AND ham. Mashed potatoes were the best. I'm biast though, in that I truly LOVE mashed potatoes. Right up there with any shrimp, and my grandma's recipi of read beans and rice.

Annnnd, that brings us to today. I am hoping to compleat my mini army of storm troopers for my collection of star wars action figures (Don't laugh. Everyone has to have a hobby, and that's one of mine!). I only plan on getting about 10 more figures tops. This is mostly due to lack of room. I have won 4 of them on E bay already (Thanks to those residents from work ^_^), so that means once they get here, I'll only have 6 more to go. After that, it's the occasonal droid now and then till I get more room, wich could be years.

Don't worry shweety pie, Hasbro dosn't make too many droids a year, and even less of em are actualy worth buying. 

I also have a few vintage (1970-80's) figures I need to finnish restoring. I may get a few more of them at some point, but also because of lack of room, I won't be doing that much longer neither.

So, naturaly as my update as to what I did on the 26th, I spent a lot of time watching Band of Brothers, and wandering Ebay trying not to drool over action figures.

I have no life.

Tomorow, is December 27th, 2007. I will be 27 years old at exactly 10:10PM U.S/Canadian Centeral Standard Time. That's almost 30, wich makes me feel old. My wife is going to take me to see I am Legend (I love end of the world movies), and hopefuly let me pick out a new computer monitor if we have time. That depends largely on the weather, and when our neighbors can watch Yuna.

My next day off (the 28th) I plan to start working on the latest chapter of Double Jeopardy. Since most who will read this probably already know what that is. I'v typed enough already.

Hope all is well out there in the great wide web of the world.

Tearaeden / Neuroleptic 


What to say, what to say?

 What do I SAY here? 

It's interesting. I can go on and on and on when someone says something like, "My cat is orange!" but I can't come up with my own subject to attempt to start a conversation.

Dose that make me boring?

Maybe it's because I am new to this whole bloging thing, I don't know.

Or maybe it's old age. Yeah, that's it. Old age. I'm going to be 27 in a little more than 5 days 45 minutes or so depending on when I finnish writing this nonsenseical post. That's almost 30, wich makes me old, especialy since men don't live past 65 in my family. So I'm coming close to have lived half my life. Makes one a bit nervous to think about.

But that has NOTHING to do with why I can't seem to think of a decent subject. So, what kind of things am I supposed to say on here? 

What do you believe in?
 I believe that there is a higher power and that something happens to us when we die. However, I also belive that no one can say with 100% certanty just what that higher power or life after death actualy IS.

I have returned

I have returned to live journal to try to actualy make an attempt to learn how to use it.

What? an update?

Howdy everyone. Iv finaly updateing my journal. I no longer live in missouri. I live in Manhattan Kansas. I still work for food 4 less, but the super duper giant thats no moon its a space station walmart that opened up a stones throw down the street from my store is probably going to put us out of bisuness within two years. no hurry I suppose, if I dont mind only working 32 hours a week wich is what they cut my hours down to for next week. I dont realy mind though honestly. Ill still make enough to get by for now. AND itll give me alot more time to go job hunting. I also have next saturday off.

Today is spring of 2004.Iv accomplished quite a bit for myself this year, relocateing to a new state and setting up an apartment of my own to live in by myself for the first time in two years has ben rather rewarding though it is takeing longer than I thought. I still have a few things I need, but nothing major now. Iv also set up quite a few goals for this year for myself. I wonder by years end how many ill have compleated. Learning to drive getting engaged and getting a new computer are on the agenda. Not much ells to write right now. hard to talk about yourself when you work nights and sleep during the day.

Ready, Aim.......

Well, figured id update finaly. not that very many pepole are reading this or anything.

A few days ago, A guy I work with came in on his day off, and wanted me to give him a dime out of my drawer. I told him no both because I thought he was kidding, and there was no way I was going to give him ANY amount of money from my drawer. so he went over to one of the other cashregester drawers that was a back up for our night crew (since we work nights, no one is in the office to get us more money so we get 3 drawers) opened it took the money he needed out, and left. I mentioned it to my manager who talked to the big managers, and the next night he was fired.

Even though even though he was a close minded rasist white supremisest, I, and everyone ells on the night crew, hated his guts, and that he deserved to get fired (not just for stealing an insegnifigant amount of money, but mostly for messing with someone ellses till), I somehow feal a little giulty about it. But for the most part, im glad to high hell I never have to look at him again! YAY!